Corvara di Beverino



Corvara of Beverino is a charming village in the municipality of Beverino in Val di Vara at about 300 m s.l.m, surrounded by the peaks of the Ligurian. The village of Corvara is still showing signs of what he represented in antiquity and in spring and summer is a popular tourist destination lovers relaxing atmosphere offered by the countryside and the proximity of the Cinque Terre.

The first mention of the village of Corvara Beverino dates back to 1077 in a document of Emperor Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor.

The town was ruled by the Este family and later by local lords who enfeoffed Corvara and the village of Ponzò, fraction of Riccò del Golfo di Spezia.Corvava of Beverino was ceded by imperial diploma of Frederick II to Obizzo Malaspina in 1163, and sold to the Republic Genoa in 1211. in 1216 came under the Malaspina domain causing the siege by the Republic of Genoa until the peace trai contenders in 1216.

Later it became a possession of the Fieschi Family (1271) by following the fate of the Republic of Genoa and became the seat of Podesta in the Levante Riviera until 1458 when it was annexed to Spezia. In Corvara there are still the remains of the old castle cited by cartographer Matthew Vinzoni the Republic of Genoa and a possession of the local marquis, lords of Corvara and Ponzò. The castle was sold for the sum of 1,800 lire to the Malaspina, (Obizzo and William), after several clashes with Genoa

To visit the church of San Michele Arcangelo. It was built in 1300 as we learn from the plaque placed on its prospectus. The structure came to our day is the result of enlargement of the eighteenth century.

Worthy of interest is the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Trezzo. of the sixteenth century located along a crossroads. Inside a nave is a painting of the Madonna and Child on the main altar and the Holy Lucia and Apollonia 1586.